Author profile: Alyssa stands on the edge of a creek, with rocky cliffs behind her.

Hi! My name is Alyssa and I am a recent university graduate with a BA in English and a travel enthusiast. As I was born and raised in Alberta, hiking, camping and just spending time in the mountains has always been one of my favourite things. I have created this blog first and foremost as a project to challenge myself to write more often, as well as a way to share what I am passionate about. I plan to write about past travels and hiking adventures until the COVID-19 situation has been resolved and I can return to explore the world beyond my backyard. That being said, I am still very lucky to have the Canadian Rocky Mountains so accessible, and have taken time during the pandemic to remember how beautiful my own corner of the planet truly is.

I hope my posts can inspire others to get out and explore their own local wonders, whether or not they are what I am writing about. I hope this blog will keep me accountable to this project and encourage me to continue beyond the initial burst of inspiration.

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I am a recent graduate with a BA in Honours English. I enjoy creative writing and language learning as well as travelling and exploring.

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  1. Great idea to share your outdoor adventures with a blog and good inspiration for the rest of us too! We may try Castle Mountain lookout this weekend.

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  2. Hi, I stumbled onto your blog while I’m researching to start my own blog on food/travel(hike). I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. It’s like somebody is just casually talking to me. I think the way you set up your blog and the way you write is a good starting point for a novice like myself. Please keep on blogging, even when “the COVID-19 situation has been resolved”. Meanwhile, I’ll get off my butt and get my blog going …. thanks for the inspiration !!!


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