I have written many posts about my home country of Canada, primarily in Western Canada where I live, as well as the countries I travelled to well studying in Spain.

For those who prefer visuals, I have created a map of the various places that I have written about in my posts. If you have suggests of where I should go next, leave them in the comments! I’d love to hear your suggestions of your favourite countries/cities to visit.

If you are new to my blog or curious about anything I’ve written in the past, below are some tags you can use to find posts about all the travelling I have done. And stay tuned! I will keep updating this page as I continue to write. Thank you all for the kindness and support.

Africa Alberta Andalucía Avila backpacking Banff National Park Bilbao Black Forest British Columbia Budget Travel Camping Canada Canadian Rockies Castile and Leon Castilla-La Mancha Columbia Valley Cracow Dinosaur Provincial Park Easy Hikes Elk Island National Park Europe France Gengenbach Germany Granada Hike Hiking Tips Ibiza Jasper National Park Kananaskis Country Kootenay National Park Lake O'Hara Lisbon Mediterranean Morocco North Africa Poland Porto Portugal Segovia Spain Tangier Toledo Travel UNESCO Vancouver Island Victoria Winter Hikes Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park Yoho National Park


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