Cities you can visit on a day-trip from Madrid

Madrid is situated in the approximate centre of Spain, making it a convenient hub for travellers wanting to see as much of the country as possible. For international students, studying in Madrid offers students not only the opportunity to live in the capital city which is filled with easy transportation, amenities and cultural activities and…

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Ávila, Castile and León

Ávila is a city just northwest of Madrid known for its medieval walls which are still in incredible condition for their age. They are a UNESCO Heritage site, designated in 1985. I had first been introduced to the Wall of Ávila (Muralla de Ávila) in a pre-medieval Art and Architectural History course, so I was…

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Staying in the Black Forest, Germany Part II

A long awaited part 2. My apologies for the delay, I am finally back to writing consistently and hope not to disappear again. In Part 1 I discussed my time in Gengenbach, Europa-Park, and Strasbourg. The next day was spent exploring the Black Forest area. After a walk around town in the morning, my friend…

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Staying in the Black Forest, Germany

Following my four days in Kraków, I flew from Poland to Stuttgart, Germany on my way to visit a roommate from Madrid in her hometown of Gengenbach. Gengenbach is in the southwestern part of Germany, in the Black Forest region. It is about 1 hour by train from Strasbourg in France, sitting close to the…

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