A Weekend Stay in Valencia

In October 2019, I joined a Citylife trip to Valencia. Citylife is one of the companies that organizes trips for young adults from Madrid to other cities. Most of the other participants were students studying abroad or young adults living in Madrid through a teaching exchange program. We went to Valencia by bus, which took…

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A Whirlwind Day in Bratislava

During the 2019 winter break, I travelled from Vienna for Christmas to Krakow for New Year’s Eve. In between these cities, we spent a single day in Bratislava. The city is only an hour from Vienna by train, and cost 32.40 euros total for the three of us. We arrived in the capital of Slovakia…

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Ringing in the New Year in Cracow: Part II

Our last two days in Poland were as busy as the first. We booked a tour through our hostel to the Wieliczka Salt Mine, in the town of Wieliczka. Our tour included the transportation to the town, which made the trip easy. We arrived at the mines and waited for our tour to begin. The…

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Ringing in the New Year in Cracow, Poland Part I

During my year abroad, I spent the winter holidays travelling through four European countries (with an evening spent in country number 5). My third stop on this trip was in Kraków, Poland. I didn’t plan the stops on this trip, but rather joined a friend on her plans, so I didn’t know what to expect…

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