Hoodoo Trail is a great hike if you are looking for an easy trail with spectacular views of the Columbia Valley. The trail is 3.2 km with 120 metres of elevation, which took my group about an hour to complete. We took the hike at a leisurely pace, taking in the views and reading the signs about the area along to way.

Wild flowers in bloom along the path.

The majority of the elevation is gain in the first 15 minutes of hiking, following an incline after passing the gate from the parking lot. After this initial uphill section, the trail flattens out and we continued through a meadow of wildflowers in full bloom. Our timing in the Columbia Valley turned out to be perfect, as spring was in full force.

The view from the first lookout point of Dutch Creek and Columbia Lake.

We arrived at the first view point and took in the incredible views of Columbia Lake to the south. The mountains rose up around the valley to create a very picturesque location. After taking many, many photos we continued on to the section of the trail that overlooks the Hoodoos.

Looking in a southeastern direction from the Hoodoos.

The trail becomes very sandy here, and there is some loose rock from the eroding hoodoos. The cliffs themselves are not barricaded off in any way, so it is at your own risk if you wish to venture out onto the hoodoos. However the ground can be slippery and shift easily underfoot, so do use caution in the area.

The western view from atop the hoodoos.

As you continue along the trail, you will reach the western side of the hoodoos. You can take more photos here as the trail overlooks Dutch Creek. From here the trail heads back into the forest. Follow the path and stay towards the right when the trail forks (left leads to private property). Then the trail loops back around and rejoins the original route through the meadow and down the first hill.

The path back down to the trailhead.

Make sure to enjoy the views on the way back as well. Overall the hike was well worth the drive from Radium, as it treated us to a lovely scenic journey to the trailhead, followed by a beautiful trail through the valley.


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