As a North American in Europe, I had to take advantage of the cheap flights. One flight deal a few friends and I got was a two day trip to Ibiza in the off season. Ibiza is busiest in the summer, and around mid-October the clubs on the island close to take the winter off from crazy tourists. As perhaps crazier tourists, we arrived as the sun rose on Friday, October 18, 2020 and left after the sun set on Saturday. This gave us nearly two full days to explore the island.

Caló el Moro.

We flew into the airport Ibiza’s city (south of the island) and took a taxi to San Antonio (Sant Antoni) on the east side of the island where our hostel was. We stayed at Amistat Island Hostel. Unfortunately, we were not able to leave our bags at the hostel before check in, so we brought them to the beach with us. Our first stop, however, was breakfast. We ate at a café across the street, then began to explore. We walked along Caló el Moro, which was the closet point to water from the hostel.

Cala Gracioneta.

After testing the water, we walked to Cala Gracioneta. The walk took just over half an hour, but was pleasant. Google Maps directed us along a few missteps, but we made it. The view was well worth the journey, as the small beach was not too busy and the water was crystal clear. We swam, then napped in the sun, tired from our early flight. A beachside bar was convenient for drinks and snacks. When it was close enough to check in time, we gathered our things and walked back to the hostel.

Swimming at Cala Comte.

We checked into the hostel and tucked our things in the lockers of our shared room. Then we ordered a taxi to take us to Cala Comte. The cliffs along this area were stunning, with the blue-green water shining below. We ate dinner at Restaurante S’Illa Des Bosc, a seafood restaurant overlooking the water. Following the meal, we walked out over the cliffs and noticed a path down to the water. We swam in this shallow bay until the air started to chill with the setting sun. From there we walked back to the Sunset Ashram and watched the entire sky and sea turn the same light pink as the bar. We stayed until the sun disappeared and goosebumps grew on our skin. Then we called a taxi and headed back to the hostel for the night.

Cala Comte at sunset.

We woke early and packed our things. We ate at the same café as the day before for breakfast and then ordered another taxi – we had another part of the island to explore. We drove to the northwest side for the Las Dalias de Ibiza market. This is a huge flea market filled with local artisan products. We explored the market for the entire morning, each of us buying something to bring home. Then we returned to Ibiza to visit Playa Den Bossa Sea.

Outside the Las Dalias market.

This beach houses a number of highly ranked hotels, such as the Hard Rock Hotel and Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel. As it was the off season, both hotels were quiet, and we didn’t have to share the beach with many others. We relaxed and swam here, taking lots of pictures and soaking in what we expected to be our last weekend of sun before colder weather came to us in Madrid.

Playa Den Bossa Sea.

As a friend was particularly partial to the Hard Rock brownies, we stopped there for dinner near Port d’Eivissa. Then we explored the shops in the area until it was time to drive to the airport.

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